somehow i slept on this last year and now it’s one of my favorite things

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the intro is long but wait for it — song and video are so good



Check out these awesome retro posters designed by Entertainment Weekly in honor of some of the most memorable Mad Men episodes.


When I get excited about something my friend has no interest in.


When I get excited about something my friend has no interest in.

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Take risks, be fearless, be bold, carve your own path, try to innovate, and stay true to yourself. - Carrie Brownstein

Smart Girl Alert!

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“I feel like so many girls don’t ask for what they want so they don’t get what they want. I know what I want and I’m just gonna ask for it. If you give it to me that’s so nice of you, if you don’t then fuck you I’m gonna keep asking until I get it. “Picky Bitch Checklist” is the anthem for bitches to stop messing with these boys that don’t give them shit. That don’t do anything for them besides for take from them. Hopefully a few numbers get deleted because of this song.” Junglepussy on Pretty Bitch Checklist (via featherframe)

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Say hello to Katie Spotz — the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean (2,817 miles!), the first person to swim the entire length of the Allegheny River in the US, and someone gutsy enough to run 150 miles across the Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert alone … AKA a fearless adventurer owning the term girl power.

In a talk at TEDxSMU, Katie explains how she overcame the expectations she had set for herself by stepping out of her comfort zone. For most of her life she thought that running marathons and entering triathlons were for “those people,” she says, and told herself that she would just never be one of them — until one day she decided that the only real thing stopping her from running, rowing, and swimming was not trying.

Here, she recounts her epic adventures »

Photos via Katie Spotz

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